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AOL Mail Login: You are fed up with your existing emails service and looking to make a switch then there is the number of options to choose from. One option is to choose that has around been around for a long time and delivers on the free email addresses.

It is an incredible email service provided by AOL (America Online). It allows the users to exchange emails and connect with friends securely and straightforwardly. AOL offers a well-organized and user-friendly interface thus making it the best email platform for many users.

Features of

AOL is a free web-based email service by a division of Verizon Communications (AOL). Sometimes, it is also referred AIM mail. AIM stands for AOL instant messenger.

Verizon declared that it is going to cease its in-house email services for the internet subscribers. Then in the year 2015, it acquired AOL and transferred all the customers to mail.

AOL has several features that make it a popular email service for many users all around the world. It provides many inbuilt features to let the user enjoy fantastic service right on their email screen. Let’s have a look!

AOL Mail Login
  • AOL is a pretty solid email service.
  • The attachment limit that AOL gives to the users is 25 MB.
  • It provides virus protection.
  • It includes spam protection.
  • AOL email service has a spell checking feature too.
  • It has email unsent capability.
  • It supports HTTPS/SSL after login.
  • Attachment size for sending an email is 30 MB.
  • Event and calendar is another nice feature integrated with AOL mail.
  • It provides a remarkable feature to add and remember tasks which the users have to perform in the future.

Signing up for AOL Mail

AOL does not offer much services like Gmail does for signing up, however you can create and instant account for yourself using AOL and its much easy to use. To create an account for your personal or professional use you need to provide few basic information about yourself.

Create Account

Your Full Name – In order to not to get blocked by this mail service you need to provide your Real Name to them while signing up, which may be used for verification purpose if you get into any trouble with your account.

Unique Username – This means you have to choose unique username for yourself, which will also be your email address, i.e:

Strong Password – Choosing a strong password is highly recommended for any account you create online. Choose a password for your account which is hard to guess by tools or hackers.

Verify Email/Phone – This is the most important step, in case if you forget your password or anyone tries to access your account, these two recovery methods will help you getting your account back. AOL Mail Login

The storage capacity of each AOL account is unlimited that means the users can store an infinite number of email and attachments in it.

It is a free email service that was launched in the year 1993, and still many people are using it to access their essential email accounts. AOL attacked customers to itself and managed to compete with many other popular email services.

Now this is the most crucial part of the article; how to login to AOL mail to access the previous emails and draft new ones.

First of all, you have to make an account by signing up to AOL mail.

Go to “AOL sign up” and then enter all the details required such as username, password, date of birth, mobile number and gender, etc. After presenting all the necessary information, you will have your AOL mail account.

To login to your AOL mail account follow these steps:

  • Go to the AOL mail login page.
  • Enter your correct username.
  • Type your correct password.

And you have successfully logged in to your AOL mail account. Remember you cannot change the username once your account has been created. For a different username, you need to create a new AOL mail account.

This is it for now! This is the easiest and only complete guide about AOL mail login and Sign up. Hope this guide will help you with anything related to

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