How to Recover Yahoo Password?

An internet portal “Yahoo” incorporates a search engine and a worldwide website’s directory that is organized in a hierarchy of top categories. It provides users the assurance of a structured view of billions of pages and thousands of websites.

Yahoo is one of the preeminent search engines and provides relatively good search results. Yahoo offers:

  • A web portal
  • A directory
  • Mail
  • News
  • A search engine
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Social Media sites
  • Many more services

Features of Yahoo mail:

Yahoo is one of the most reputable email service providers. The company has managed to attract billions of users just because of the salient features the Yahoo mail offers.

Being one of the earliest networks in the web services market, it has a huge base of database users.  It is a compatible platform for regular usage. Now it is the time to see a few best features of Yahoo mail:

  • Yahoo mail services besides the emailing services, offer some interesting services such as messenger, search engine, Yahoo answers, and group chats, etc.
  • Yahoo is very concerned about the data security of its users and takes every step possible to ensure that there is no data violation.
  • The users are allowed to save the desired contacts on their email itself.
  • Everyone can easily use Yahoo templates.
  • Yahoo deletes unwanted emails automatically after 90 days.
  • Yahoo keeps updating its features.
  • It has 20 GB data storage capacity.
  • Yahoo always remains transparent about its updates.
  • It has introduced Yahoo mobile to make it easy for people to access their accounts when they do not have access to their desktop computers etc.
  • Yahoo has a remarkable feature “Flicker” that is an image and video hosting site.

How to Recover Yahoo Password?

You have some important emails in your Yahoo account but can’t log in now because you have forgotten your password. Don’t worry! By following the steps discussed below, you can recover your Yahoo mail password:

  • Open a browser and type
  • Then enter your Yahoo account’s email address (here you can write the phone number or backup email address as well and then follow the prompt)
  • Then click “Continue.
  • In the next step you have to verify the backup email address or phone number (Your email address will be partially displayed so, make sure you have access to your email and in case you had given phone number for recovery then you will be asked to enter the missing digits to ensure that the phone number is yours).
  • Tap on the “Yes send me the account key” option
  • Check your text message or email to get account key code.
  • Then type the account key
  • Click “Verify.”
  • Now you have recovered your account.
  • Then click on “create a new password” option
  • Type the new password twice
  • Click “Continue.”

Now you are ready to use your Yahoo mail account to read the emails and draft new ones.

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