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Your hotmail login email account generally remains at risk of being hacked or misused by someone; you don’t know and your account has been used by the rogue elements for a nefarious design. You come to know when you are involved in the investigation.

Also, someone may steal some important information from your email account. In order to keep your account secured forcefully, you can use two steps verification. By using two steps verification, you can completely secure your email account.

Despite your password reaches someone’s hand, your account cannot be accessed indeed.

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What actually is Two Steps Verification?

Certainly, you want to keep your account secured; you are suggested to activate two steps verification on your account. It applies two forms of identifications; password; security info (a contact method). This is how your account becomes highly secured despite your password is leaked out.

It would not be used by anyone to enter your account despite putting accurate password; the security info also has to be entered. Moreover, having turned on two steps verification, you are given a security code every time you enter your account.

How can I turn on and off two steps verification?

On the security basics page, you can sign in with your Microsoft account. Here, you can select more security options. There are two options turn on and turn off under the title of two steps verification. Turn on or off as per your need.

Where does two-step verification happen to be more beneficial?

Of course, the email is a document that carries some important information. It can be useful to some extent for the concerned person.

Sometimes, an individual’s inbox assumes great importance for many persons; for example, a teacher’s email account always remains at risk because the students want to get some important information about the exam paper. It is, therefore, necessary to activate two-step verification on the teacher’s part. It keeps the email secured.

How beneficial is two steps verification for government institutions?

Of course, the emails containing data regarding national security or government policies need high security.

In the past, much important government information has been hacked by the enemy countries. Two steps verification really secures all kinds of emails despite the hackers make too much effort.

In case, I don’t have a backup contact and I lose security info what will happen?

You are advised to associate minimum three security email addresses; phones numbers with the email account right before you turn on two-step verification to avail additional security for your email account.

Of course, you highly secure your account by turning on the option above-mentioned; you should also keep in mind that in case of losing your security info; if you don’t have a backup contact either; you will have to lose your account forever. No alternate process is available to help you restore your lost account.


Undoubtedly, two-step verification makes the security of your account invincible. Your account goes under double layered security protection indeed.





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