Hotmail Password Recovery Procedure

An email account is the best source for business and personal correspondence. You can also enclose the documents with the email to convey your viewpoint to concerned persons more clearly. Mostly, you have more than one email accounts; for example two, three four, etc.

However, one or two of them happen to be very important for you for some reasons. If owing to any reason, your email account is not functioning; in other words, you cannot log into your highly important email account, you will fall into trouble.

Your business will be badly affected; if you do your important business-correspondence through it.

Don’t Worry!

No problem exists under the sky that cannot be solved if you are firmly determined to solve it.

Of course!

You can recover your Hotmail password if you have lost it owing to any reason; you may have forgotten your password or someone was trying to access your account and the team blocked your password etc.

The Step by Step Hotmail Password Recovery Procedure

  • Under the recover your account option writer your email.
  • Having written your email address; you are asked to write the alternate email or phone number to receive the code. You write what you feel more appropriate; your phone number or your alternate email address.
  • You are shown missing information; for example your incomplete phone number; 85….3…4. You have to write your complete phone number to receive a code sent by Microsoft.
  • Having fulfilled the above requirement, you click the option of send code.
  • Once you click the send code option, Microsoft team sends you a code to your selected phone number. You receive it shortly. If something is wrong; you don’t receive the code, you can give the alternate email to receive the code.
  • You type the code in verify your identity
  • By clicking next, a new window opens where you write your new password; it will be rewritten in the following box. Clicking OK tab, you have reset your password.

Some more Tips to be remembered

  • Despite entering correct email address and password if you still fail in signing in; you are advised to be ensured whether your account has been inactive for more than 365 days. An account is deleted if it remains inactive for one year. The countdown starts from the day you last used your email account.
  • Never enter your password in the page you use to open an email account.
  • Don’t use your email account on a computer that seems suspicious to you; your password may be stolen to use your email account for some nefarious designs.
  • Microsoft Security Essential protects your account from the virus.
  • If you have deleted your account for any reason and 30 days have elapsed; you cannot access your account anymore.
  • Carry on changing your password; after every fortnight.
  • While using one password on all accounts; for your convenience, you can keep it in this way; for example; aero-plane, aero-Plan, Aero-plan, and aero-plaN, etc.


Recovery of a Hotmail email account is not a difficult task; you just have to keep in mind the tip above-given.


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