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Create Gmail account / sign up / Gmail Login Account: Google the biggest search engine that was ever made is currently ruling the web world.

Gmail is one of best service ever created by Google. By creating google account alias Gmail account we can integrate to other Google services as well such as Google+, Hangouts, Maps, YouTube, etc. For better result google recommend to login Gmail account or create new Gmail account for accessing any google services.

As the service is free a user can have multiple Gmail accounts. You can Gmail sign up within 2-3 minutes by visiting

Login to the best email service around the internet providing free email service to millions of its users ““. To Gmail Login, you have to sign up gmail alias Google account.

Gmail Sign up

Whenever you signing in to Account with your credentials(username and password) you can access your Gmail account, whether it is a computer or smart device. If you forgot username or password you can recover them with recovery process available at the time of Google Account Login process. Sign up

Before Create Gmail account you first need to know how its working and store user information and gives you accurate search results.

  • User visits Sign up form.
  • And fill all the required information.
  • Gmail validates all the data that is provided by the user.
  • User information registered on Gmail database.
  • Now user can access Gmail inbox.

Finally, after creating an account now you can send and receive emails from other Gmail users.

Things to keep in mind before create new account

  • Choose a unique username and password that you never forgot.
  • Do not share the password.
  • Make sure that you fill all the required information on Gmail registration form.
  • Set all recovery options that are available (future account recovery).
  • Last but not least by sign up Gmail you are accepting all google Terms & Conditions.
Create Gmail Account |

Create New Gmail Account

It’s easy and free to create new Gmail account and by creating one we can use all other products of google by simple Gmail sign in, Here we are showing some simple steps to create an email account in Gmail

  • Firstly open your internet browser and go to Google home page.
  • Hit Gmail, which you can find it at the corner of the Google page or you can just type Gmail signup in the search box.
  • Well after you went to Gmail sign in page, click Create account
  • To have a new account, Google requests some of your information which is your first and last names.
  • And after that Google will ask you to choose your username, after you choosing your username Google will check for the availability of that name. Unless your username is unique you can’t get a mail address. It needs to be unique because your username will be placed before “”.

Note: Username used to login Gmail for further account access

  • After, that you have to provide a password to your account. After choosing your password you have to re-enter your password down in another section
  1. Choose a password which is difficult to guess
  2. Do not use your username as password
  3. Choose a password which is minimum of 8 alphanumeric with special characters include in it.
    • Later you have to insert a CAPTCHA code or else you can skip this step by verifying it through your mobile phone.
    • Fill all the other information required and click on checkbox ‘I agree to the Google terms of service and Privacy Policy ‘ down below the page and click next step.
    • Once these steps are complete click on next page you can visit your inbox.

Why Gmail?

The first and important reason behind the success of Gmail is it completely available without any payment. Any kinds of people have choice to access Gmail account for its own.

You just need a computer. Smart phones and tablet with internet connection to access Gmail account. You can sign in to your account anywhere in the world with any device.

The Gmail is the application which gives chance to use any kind of people in the world. This is one of the user friendly applications so anyone can easily access Gmail without any fear because it required few clicks to use it.

Another reason behind the usage of Gmail is its having lots of extra features. This gives lots of benefits for the people who are all using Gmail account.

What is Gmail?

Some Benefits of Gmail

    • Track Your Device Using Google Maps – Locate your smart device using Android Device Manager by login into your google account
    • Store 15 GB of Data – On google drive you can store 15 gigabytes of data
    • Integrated to other google services – Having one Gmail account you can integrate with other services like Google Drive, Google+, Hangouts etc.
    • Voice Calls – You can do voice call from your mail account without spending any anything on voice calls

Things to keep in mind before Gmail login

  • Make sure that you already sign up for gmail account before Gmail log in.
  • Make sure that you remember username and password.
  • If 2-step verification is enabled make sure that you have access to your mobile number that you register on your account.
  • Be aware that you are using a secure connection “Https” instead of “Http” in the URL to access your Gmail Account.
  • Always keep on eye on which URL you are logging in to your Gmail account because there is a chance of hacking by phishing attack.

Gmail Sign in Steps

Gmail login alias Gmail sign in work on very simple series of security checks followed by username and password

  • Open browser and visit Gmail login page.
  • Enter the username which was created at the time of Gmail sign up and click on next.
  • Unless the entered username exists in Gmail database, password section would not appear on the page.
  • Once the user enters the password.
  • Google Authenticate with username and password entered by the user.
  • User grant access to his Gmail account.

In case if you forgot your password click on Forgot Password? and enter the email address and follow the process to recover your Gmail account login password.

Gmail Sign in Steps

Secure Signing into Gmail Account

To keep your account safe and secure you have to sign in securely to your Gmail account.

Personal Devices – If you sign in to Google account on your personal devices (Computers, Smartphone, Tablets) you can save your login credentials on your browser or select the check box to “Stay sign in” when you login into your google account. This helps you every time you want to access your google inbox until you clear web browser data.

Shared Devices – For shared devices (internet cafe, library) make sure you logout every time you sign in to your account. I strongly recommend to login your google account on incognito mode on shared devices because it doesn’t save cache and cookies and even history of your browser data, to keep your account more secure add 2-step verification to your Gmail account.

How to Login multiple Google Accounts

You can sign in multiple google accounts at once. That means you can switch between accounts without signing out the current or default google account.

1.Run multiple web browsers simultaneously to access multiple Gmail accounts

If you want to access all your multiple Gmail accounts at once simply install multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. on your computer and it does not require any special setup

  • On each browser, you can sign in two Gmail accounts one from normal web browser window and we can sign in another account by switching to incognito browser window

2. Add accounts to your default google account

  • Sign in to Google.
  • On the top right corner, select or click your profile image.
  • choose Add account.
  • A new window with Gmail sign in page will appear and you can ADD another account
  • Again Click on profile image it shows all your accounts that are added
  • Switch between accounts you want to use

3. Add multiple Gmail account on smart devices

You can sign in multiple Gmail accounts on smart devices like Android, IOS, Windows operating systems. So here are the steps to follow multiple google accounts login process on Android device

  1. Open your Gmail App
  2. Open sidebar > click on down arrow > Add account
  3. Tap Google, to add google account
  4. Enter your device’s pattern, PIN or password for security if you have any for adding google accounts.
  5. Contacts, Emails, Calendar all the associated data will be sync to your device
  6. Switch between accounts that you to want use

Repeat the process for adding all your google accounts, IOS and Windows also follow the similar process

Note: This process only work for some devices of Android it may vary depending upon the Android version you are using.

What is Gmail Login Activity?

Whenever you sign in to your google account it records your login activity or sign in history with date, time, type of browser, place, IP address which is used to Gmail sign in.

Note: How Gmail login activity helps – It helps when someone accessing your account or if you notice any unusual activity on your account.

Follow the steps to secure your Gmail account

    • Change your password
    • Choose a strong password while creating an account
    • Add recovery options
    • Add Two Factor Authentication to your account

Google is offering one of the best email services in the world, Gmail. If you already have one account, but it presents problems when accessing to it, you may be doing something wrong or probably you need a little help to do it. This basic guide teaches you how to log in to a Gmail account easily.

Gmail Sign in on Mobile

Gmail Sign in – Most Easy Way

First, type in your web browser. After this, you will see the “Sign-in” page.

At his point you will see simple panel in which you have to enter your log in information. First, write your Gmail username. This is the email account you generated.

Type it the same way you created. The second space is for you to write your password. You must be careful here. First make sure “Caps lock” key is not activated since it may cause troubles with your password.

Second, do not use any other method than typing. Google recommend doing this to get better results.

The box “Stay logged in” under the blue button is used to keep your account open. This means that the next time you access to your mail, it will not be necessary to follow the previous steps; however, if you are using a public computer do not do it or everyone will be able to see your mails.

Now click the big blue button “Gmail Sign in” and your email control panel will show up.

Now you are ready to write, read and sent emails to your contacts. The interface is very simple, but effective. At the left side you have the email control panel (inbox, sent, drafts) at the center you see your mails and at the top you have the control to your account.

If you want to log out to your account, just click your username at the top right corner and then click sign out.

Steps To Access Multiple Gmail Account In One Browser

The first step to access many account in your browser is to sign in gmail account for the first user. The first mail is logged on after that in the right side corner you have profile button click that to sign in another user. After clicking that you get the option that add account.

Clicks add account option while clicking that you will get another sign in page. On that page you will enter the second account you want to log into.

You switch one user to another user by clicking the required profile. If you use any social media in your browser then default account comes to the first account. Moreover the Gmail works as a transport medium for your friend and family.


Q. I cannot login to my Gmail account?

A. The reason why you cannot login to your Gmail account are as follows may be you

  • Forgot Password
  • Forgot Username that you usually sign in
  • Having trouble with 2-step verification
  • Incorrect username and password
  • I can’t reset my password
  • Incorrect username and password

Q. What can I do if I forgot my password?

A. If you have no longer access to your Gmail account or if you forgot your password just don’t worry follow the simple steps

  • Click on forgot password
  • Enter your mail id that you want to recover
  • And finally, follow the recovery options(Set by you at the time creating Gmail account) that are available to grant access to your google account

Q. How can I add multiple google accounts on my IOS device

A. Follow the steps to add google accounts

  • Click on Mail > Add account > Tap Google
  • Enter email id and password that you want to add
  • Repeat the process if you want to add more accounts and switch between accounts that you to want use

Q. How 2-step verification help me while login into Gmail?

A. 2-step verification is an added advantage to your Gmail account Why because

    • After entering your username and password it asks for Security Code every time when you sign in to your Gmail account,  a code will be sent to your registered mobile number
    • By adding this security no one can access or sign in to your account even the password was known.

Q. I can’t choose my desired username?

A. You can choose your desired username only when it’s available

      1. Choose a username with numbers include Or
      2. Select username suggested by google

This is all about how to create account on various devices and benefits of having an account.

I Thanks Google for creating and providing such a great service to millions of users for free and still don’t have an account, Create Gmail account now and do Gmail login to enjoy all google services.

In case, if you have any issue of creating an account contact Gmail support.

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