Change Hotmail Account Password

To keep your home protected from theft, you need to lock it; similarly, in order to keep your important information protected from cyber thieves, you need to keep your account protected by a solid password.

Sometimes, it so happens, you have a solid password but it is leaked out owing to some reasons; known or unknown. Nevertheless, your email account has been insecure; your personal data can be used for any purpose. You can suffer a great loss financially or your personal repute can be spoil by your enemies.

How to stay protected from cyber thieves?

There is a proverb “there is no use to cry over spilled milk”; if your data has been theft, you have suffered an irreversible loss. You cannot undo what has happened.

Nevertheless, you can take some solid measures beforehand to stay protected from the cyber thieves; for example, you need to have a solid password that cannot be easily understood.

Moreover, you need to change your password every fortnight or as per your need or as per the sensitivity of the documents your account contains; you can also change your password with the gape of one or two days.

How to change my Hotmail account password?

The procedure of changing the Hotmail account password is very easy to execute indeed. Following are the steps to be taken to change the password of your Hotmail account:

  • In order to change your password, you need to log in to your account.
  • In the 2nd step, you need to click your profile picture.
  • In the 3rd step, you select the view account.
  • In the 4th step, you click to change the password.
  • In the 5th step enter your current password and click sign in.

Having gone through five initial steps, you are required to verify your identity; in order to verify your identity, you click Send Code. Very shortly after you have clicked the send code button; you receive a code on your mobile phone or your email account.

The code you receive is entered where it is demanded. Your verification is done. Now you enter your current password, and new password; by clicking “confirm” your password has changed.

Finally, you click the button “Next”, you are sent a confirmation email by the Microsoft system. You will log in to your Hotmail account with the new password hereafter. Your old password has been useless for the account from now onward.

How can I keep a strong password?

Of course, your easy password can be easily detected by your friends as they have information of your personal matters; generally, the people keep the password in the memory of important dates; they friends know about them.

You are required to keep a password that contains alphabet figures and digits; uni493kd.


Changing a Hotmail account password is a very easy process; you can change it any time you like; nevertheless, your password should be very solid you to keep your account protected.




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