Hotmail login: Hotmail has been converted into outlook now. Those users who want to make an account on can use outlook for this purpose. In 2013, Microsoft introduced outlook as its premium email service. The new outlook email service provides a hassle-free user experience.

Create Hotmail Account / Hotmail Sign up

In this article, we’ll go through the steps required for creating an account on Hotmail aka outlook.

Step 1: Fits of all, open your web browser. Locate the search bar in your web browser and type

Step 2: After entering the URL, a blue window will open in the web browser. On the right side of the screen, you will see a number of options. From there click on create a free Hotmail account.

Step 3: A white dialogue box will open and there will be space for you to write your email address. Type in the email address along with the username you want to choose. Make sure your username is unique hasn’t been adopted before. Your email address must contain both alphabetic letters and numerical numbers. A unique user name can be sara993 or john786. If your user name has been used before by someone, outlook will recommend you some username by itself. You can even choose these ones.

Step 4: This is the most crucial step as you need to enter an 8 digit password for your email account. The password needs to be strong and must have both alphabetical and numerical letters. There will be the option of the show password below the dialogue box. By enabling it, you will be able to view what you have written in the password box.

Step 5: In order to proceed, click on the next button once you have written your password.

Step 6: In this step, you are required to enter your first and last name respectively. Make sure you write them correctly.

Step 7: After entering your both names, click on the next button to proceed further.

Step 8: Now, you have to select your country or region where you live. Usually, outlook automatically detects your region or country. If it hasn’t in your case, click on the drop down box and choose your region or click on the current location.

Step 9: Enter your date of birth in the required columns. You need to enter the month, the date and the year in each box.

Step 10: For your account security and safety purposes, outlook will ask for a mobile number. You can register your own or even your parent’s mobile number with your account. Once it’s registered, you will be sent a verification code on your registered account number. Enter that verification number and you’ll be good to go.

Step 11: Click on the next button and you’ll be taken to the outlooks tutorial. That’s all you need to follow and implement for creating an account.

Hotmail Login

Hotmail Login Steps

Once you have created your Hotmail account, it’s just a matter of seconds to log in or out from Hotmail. Below we have listed the number of steps required for logging in Hotmail.

Hotmail Login

Step 1: Open your web browser and type this URL in the search bar You will be redirected to the outlooks website as has been merged with outlook since 2013. For this step, make sure there is no one signed in the outlook. If someone’s account is logged in, log out from the outlook.

Step 2: Once you have opened the home page of Microsoft Outlook, click on the sign in button.

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your registered mobile number or username. Either of these can be used to log in to Hotmail or outlook account.

Step 4: Enter your password associated with your Hotmail login account and press enter.

Step 5: Click on sign in button and you’ll be logged in to your Hotmail account.

Use Hotmail on Smart Phones

Hotmail or outlook provides a quality experience even for smartphone users. Now you don’t have to use your stock phone browser to access your Hotmail account.

There is an application available for Hotmail and Outlook users named as Microsoft outlook. This app is free of cost and anyone can use it on their smartphones.

It’s available for both Android and iOS users. The procedure is pretty much the same for smartphone users. The user interface of outlook’s smartphone application is easy to navigate around. You can create your outlook account directly from the application as well. new interface

The new outlook provides a handful of new add-ons and features which aims to provide an excellent user experience.

1. Ability to add another account

The new outlook application for Android or iOS allows you to add another account. You can add any other email account of your choice and can compose or receive an email within the application.

Hotmail login features Features

You are not only limited to outlook accounts only. You can even add other email accounts within the same application. It can Gmail account or even yahoo account. This will make your overall electronic mail experience more convenient.

2. New focused Inbox

The new outlook application has a new focused inbox feature. This feature allows you to set the priority for your email inbox.

You can set which emails you want to see before the other senders. Previously, like other email accounts, you don’t really have to filter every email. You can set which email senders are important for you and will receive the notification instantly.

This feature is great for businessmen and professionals who don’t have extra time for dealing with irrelevant emails.

Email marketing also has evolved a lot in the recent past. You get tons of email from those people who want to promote their brand and services.

For professionals and businessmen, these emails are an issue. With the outlook’s new focused inbox feature, you can easily ignore these emails and focus on the important ones. You can mark these as spam or least important and leave the rest on outlook.

Hotmail Login Mobile

In day to day life, every educated person uses an email account to correspond with other individuals and institutions to transfer and receive the data of certain kind.

Generally, people are seen using Android devices more than using other devices like iOS and Blackberry, etc. In order to use a Hotmail account, you just have to enter the information in the software as per its demand.

Setting up a Hotmail account on android phones is very easy indeed. By following a few steps you can easily avail the Hotmail account on an android device.

If you have lost access to your account password, this might help you: Hotmail Account Password Recovery.

How to Use Account on Android Devices?

It is very easy to use Hotmail account on Android devices; you just have to follow the following steps to successfully avail the option:

  • First of all, you open the email application.
  • You have to set up here your account by selecting the option
  • Now tap on the button.
  • Here, you tap on
  • You enter your Hotmail email account in the place where it is required.
  • Clicking the next button the password will be required.
  • Having entered password, you tap Hotmail Sign in.
  • You will see a question in these words,” Let this device access your info?
  • At the bottom, you find two options “Yes” or “No
  • You will click the option “Yes
  • You will receive an email and your Hotmail account is ready to operate.

Hotmail Storage Capacity

In order to correspond with individuals as well as companies, you have to use an email account. Availing the facility of email services on your laptop, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry you transfer and receive a certain amount of data all day long.

If you are a businessman, you have to stay in touch with the emails day in day out; for example, you are running an international brand, you can be contacted any time of the day or night. You have to receive a number of emails and data on a daily bases.

In order to sustain and save the data, you need an email service that has maximum storage capacity. The limited storage capacity of an email account can cause a serious loss to your business as you have to manage space for the upcoming emails.

A big record of emails and data has to be kept in a separate place that can go waste owing to any reason. Keeping in view all the above-mentioned issues, the Microsoft facilitates your Hotmail email account with 15GB capacity.

It is absolutely a huge space to contain huge data for a long time. In fact, in 1Mb space, you can save a book containing more than one thousand pages. Keeping in view the capacity of 1Mb, you can decide how much data can be stored in the given space of 15 GB.

Android devices are less costly than other devices; they are commonly used across the world. That is the reason it is easy to set up a Hotmail account on android devices.

Hotmail Login on iOS & Blackberry Devices

Hotmail login process
Hotmail Login on iOS & Blackberry Devices account has been an integral part of your life; you cannot part from it despite you use any kind of mobile devices. You need to operate a Hotmail account to correspond with individuals as well as companies.

The iOS and Blackberry devices also use Hotmail account to let you stay in touch with the business world. Some of the people shifting from other devices to the above-mentioned devices find it difficult to use Hotmail account on them.

Though using Hotmail on the iOS and Blackberry devices is a bit different; not difficult.

How to use account on iOS devices?

It is worth mentioning that the following process is being introduced keeping in view the Hotmail account but the same process can also be used while setting Outlook, Live or MSM account.

Moreover, the following process can be used on iPhone and iPad alike. Follow the following steps one after another:

  • Click on the setting option.
  • In the setting menu, you click Account and Password.
  • Here you click Add Account.
  • You will click; it is noteworthy the same process applies to Hotmail, Live and MSN accounts.
  • Having clicked the above option, a login appears on the screen; you need to enter your email address. Having done so please click the tag “Next
  • Now you need to enter your Hotmail email account and password.
  • Having entered the required data; tap Hotmail Sign in.
  • Now you will choose the option Yes to let iOS to access your data.
  • Here, you are asked what Hotmail data you want to access to on your iPhone. Having selected the option of your choice you will click the tag “Save”.
  • It is done and over; you can go to the mail application on your iPhone to avail the services.

Setting up Hotmail Account on Blackberry device?

Setting up Hotmail on Blackberry is easier than setting Hotmail account on iOS devices; in fact, the process is very easy on both kinds of devices. Following is the process of how to set up a Hotmail account on Blackberry device:

Right before starting up the process you are required to have a Hotmail account and password. Also, the internet has to be set up on the device to start the process.

  • First of all select setting.
  • Having entered the setting you scroll down to select Accounts.
  • In the Accounts you select Advanced.
  • Here you select
  • Here you enter the information about Hotmail; for example, your email address and password, in the username option you enter your email address.
  • The tag “Done” is tapped.
  • Hotmail account is ready now.

It seldom happens that you no longer need a Hotmail account and you want to delete it. There must be a solid reason behind this action you take. Anyways, you are an independent human being and you have a free right to delete your personal Hotmail account without affecting the rights of others.

Once you have been mentally prepared to delete your account; you need to go through a proper procedure of deleting the account. Before your account is deleted by Microsoft, it wants to know two major things;

  • The account belongs to you and you are going to delete your account by yourself, not any other person.
  • Your account does not have any important data that you need after your account has been deleted.

Microsoft is a highly responsible company while dealing with its users and clients; in order to keep you protected from any inconvenience in case your account is closed accidentally; Microsoft ensures your true identity.

What happens if I delete Hotmail account?

Availing Hotmail account, you correspond with individuals and companies very conveniently. Moreover, you are provided many services by the account for your ease. Once you delete your account, you will no longer be able to sign into it. All the services attached to the account will be ceased from functioning thereafter.

You are therefore advised to review your decision of deleting your account. You should have taken your decision so wisely that you need not grumble over your decision in the future.

I am determined to delete the account what is the procedure?

Well, it is at your disposal to delete your Hotmail account freely; the procedure of deleting the account is not difficult. It is as easy as the process of changing a password. Follow the steps below to delete your account:

  • First of all, you go to your account via
  • You will click the Account Setting.
  • You will reach Microsoft account; you click manage advanced security.
  • Now you are asked as if you are the actual owner of this account, you have to confirm it by entering the code sent to you by Microsoft on your alternate email account or phone number you have given previously.
  • Having verified, you are taken to the Security Setting page; down at the bottom of the page you see the link of “Close my account”.
  • By clicking the above-mentioned tag, you will be taken to a page containing the complete information what closing will do.
  • You are once again asked about your password in order to confirm once again that the account belongs to you.
  • In the end, you click Next to start the process.

To keep your home protected from theft, you need to lock it; similarly, in order to keep your important information protected from cyber thieves, you need to keep your account protected by a solid password.

Sometimes, it so happens, you have a solid password but it is leaked out owing to some reasons; known or unknown. Nevertheless, your email account has been insecure; your personal data can be used for any purpose. You can suffer a great loss financially or your personal repute can be spoil by your enemies.

How to stay protected from cyber thieves?

There is a proverb “there is no use to cry over spilled milk”; if your data has been theft, you have suffered an irreversible loss. You cannot undo what has happened.

Nevertheless, you can take some solid measures beforehand to stay protected from the cyber thieves; for example, you need to have a solid password that cannot be easily understood.

Moreover, you need to change your password every fortnight or as per your need or as per the sensitivity of the documents your account contains; you can also change your password with the gape of one or two days.

How to change my Hotmail account password?

The procedure of changing the Hotmail account password is very easy to execute indeed. Following are the steps to be taken to change the password of your Hotmail account:

  • In order to change your password, you need to log in to your account.
  • In the 2nd step, you need to click your profile picture.
  • In the 3rd step, you select the view account.
  • In the 4th step, you click to change the password.
  • In the 5th step enter your current password and click sign in.

Having gone through five initial steps, you are required to verify your identity; in order to verify your identity, you click Send Code. Very shortly after you have clicked the send code button; you receive a code on your mobile phone or your email account.

The code you receive is entered where it is demanded. Your verification is done. Now you enter your current password, and new password; by clicking “confirm” your password has changed.

Finally, you click the button “Next”, you are sent a confirmation email by the Microsoft system. You will log in to your Hotmail account with the new password hereafter. Your old password has been useless for the account from now onward.

How can I keep a strong password?

Of course, your easy password can be easily detected by your friends as they have information of your personal matters; generally, the people keep the password in the memory of important dates; they friends know about them.

You are required to keep a password that contains alphabet figures and digits; uni493kd.

Your hotmail login email account generally remains at risk of being hacked or misused by someone; you don’t know and your account has been used by the rogue elements for a nefarious design. You come to know when you are involved in the investigation.

Also, someone may steal some important information from your email account. In order to keep your account secured forcefully, you can use two steps verification. By using two steps verification, you can completely secure your email account.

Despite your password reaches someone’s hand, your account cannot be accessed indeed.

What actually is Two Steps Verification?

Certainly, you want to keep your account secured; you are suggested to activate two steps verification on your account. It applies two forms of identifications; password; security info (a contact method). This is how your account becomes highly secured despite your password is leaked out.

It would not be used by anyone to enter your account despite putting accurate password; the security info also has to be entered. Moreover, having turned on two steps verification, you are given a security code every time you enter your account.

How can I turn on and off two steps verification?

On the security basics page, you can sign in with your Microsoft account. Here, you can select more security options. There are two options turn on and turn off under the title of two steps verification. Turn on or off as per your need.

Where does two-step verification happen to be more beneficial?

Of course, the email is a document that carries some important information. It can be useful to some extent for the concerned person.

Sometimes, an individual’s inbox assumes great importance for many persons; for example, a teacher’s email account always remains at risk because the students want to get some important information about the exam paper. It is, therefore, necessary to activate two-step verification on the teacher’s part. It keeps the email secured.

How beneficial is two steps verification for government institutions?

Of course, the emails containing data regarding national security or government policies need high security.

In the past, much important government information has been hacked by the enemy countries. Two steps verification really secures all kinds of emails despite the hackers make too much effort.

In case, I don’t have a backup contact and I lose security info what will happen?

You are advised to associate minimum three security email addresses; phones numbers with the email account right before you turn on two-step verification to avail additional security for your email account.

Of course, you highly secure your account by turning on the option above-mentioned; you should also keep in mind that in case of losing your security info; if you don’t have a backup contact either; you will have to lose your account forever. No alternate process is available to help you restore your lost account.

An email account is the best source for business and personal correspondence. You can also enclose the documents with the email to convey your viewpoint to concerned persons more clearly. Mostly, you have more than one email accounts; for example two, three four, etc.

However, one or two of them happen to be very important for you for some reasons. If owing to any reason, your email account is not functioning; in other words, you cannot log into your highly important email account, you will fall into trouble.

Your business will be badly affected; if you do your important business-correspondence through it.

Don’t Worry!

No problem exists under the sky that cannot be solved if you are firmly determined to solve it.

Of course!

You can recover your Hotmail password if you have lost it owing to any reason; you may have forgotten your password or someone was trying to access your account and the team blocked your password etc.

The Step by Step Hotmail Password Recovery Procedure

  • Under the recover your account option writer your email.
  • Having written your email address; you are asked to write the alternate email or phone number to receive the code. You write what you feel more appropriate; your phone number or your alternate email address.
  • You are shown missing information; for example your incomplete phone number; 85….3…4. You have to write your complete phone number to receive a code sent by Microsoft.
  • Having fulfilled the above requirement, you click the option of send code.
  • Once you click the send code option, Microsoft team sends you a code to your selected phone number. You receive it shortly. If something is wrong; you don’t receive the code, you can give the alternate email to receive the code.
  • You type the code in verify your identity
  • By clicking next, a new window opens where you write your new password; it will be rewritten in the following box. Clicking OK tab, you have reset your password.

Some more Tips to be remembered

  • Despite entering correct email address and password if you still fail in signing in; you are advised to be ensured whether your account has been inactive for more than 365 days. An account is deleted if it remains inactive for one year. The countdown starts from the day you last used your email account.
  • Never enter your password in the page you use to open an email account.
  • Don’t use your email account on a computer that seems suspicious to you; your password may be stolen to use your email account for some nefarious designs.
  • Microsoft Security Essential protects your account from the virus.
  • If you have deleted your account for any reason and 30 days have elapsed; you cannot access your account anymore.
  • Carry on changing your password; after every fortnight.
  • While using one password on all accounts; for your convenience, you can keep it in this way; for example; aero-plane, aero-Plan, Aero-plan, and aero-plaN, etc.

Hotmail login: account can be easily set up and operated on any smart device; the process of setting up may be different but not complicated indeed.